National Women’s Go Gliding Weekend 27th & 28th April 2024

Women Go Gliding Poster

You’re interested in aviation? You like the outdoors? Why not experience a day as a club member at Deeside Gliding Club and see what it’s all about?

• Gliding is exhilarating, yet very accessible and truly a team sport, and it offers something for everyone!

• You could be spending a leisurely day on the airfield with friends, serenely gliding over the beautiful Deeside countryside, climbing to 20,000ft or more using only the power of the wind, seeing the world upside-down in our aerobatic gliders or racing cross-country against other pilots.

• You’ll also learn to launch and retrieve the gliders on the airfield and can get involved in maintenance or  learn to instruct……

• Gliding is what you want it to be, and Deeside Gliding Club is a great place to learn to fly!

The event is free to attend, and a trial lesson in a two-seater glider can be booked at a special rate.  Trial lessons should be booked in advance using the email below.

Register now to join us on Sat 27th or Sun 28th April: