Where do I start

A convenient way to start gliding is to book a Trial Flight or purchase the Learn-to-Fly package. There are a number of ways of doing this including phoning the club office (the most convenient, though the phone is not always manned), e-mailing, or by visiting the club. Flight vouchers can be purchased online (see the Trial Flights page for more details).

A Trial Flight includes:
• Aerotow launch
• Hire of the glider
• Introduction to the principles of flights
• Club membership1 for 1 month, from the date of the flight
• Pre-flight briefing

The height for the aerotow launch depends upon the type of voucher purchased - either 3,000ft and 5,280ft (1 mile altitude).

1. Club Membership provides full use of the facilities, and charges at normal club rates (see the Price List page for more details). As an example, subsequent flights on the same day will be charged at normal club rates.