Visitor Information

Deeside Gliding Club offers free reciprocal membership to current members of all Scottish gliding clubs and operates throughout the year;

Winter months (Nov 1st - April 31) Weekend flying with mid week flying by prior arrangement

Summer Months (1st May - 31 Oct) Flying 7 days a week

During the summer we have a full time Instructor who will be happy to cater for all group or individual flying requirements. Visitor's gliders are welcome but if you do not want to trail your glider long distances, club aircraft are available daily use or weekly hire.


Deeside Gliding Club currently intends to run the 2020 autumn wave season although realises that it will necessarily be significantly different from previous years due to covid-19.

Like all other gliding clubs we have implemented covid-19 specific procedures and are currently only allowing flying for local members, although are making specific arrangements for the UKMSC. Trial flights are unlikely to be available for some time.

One of the difficulties is that we don’t know exactly how and when government guidelines (which are different in Scotland and England) will evolve and there is obviously the chance that restrictions could come back if the R rate increases again. The constraints listed below are based on what we know right now, but we will relax or strengthen them as appropriate nearer the time, depending on latest government advice.

Obviously there is a risk that we may not be able to operate at all or there may be quarantine requirements for those coming from overseas and this may not be known until the last minute, so visitors must be prepared to accept this risk, but we will be doing everything we can to allow you to fly.

  1. Visitors should not attend if they have had covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone showing symptoms in the last 14 days
  2. Visitors must follow all UK & Scottish government covid-19 guidelines relevant to their specific situation
  3. Visitors must be self-sufficient within their groups for rigging, positioning, launching, clearing runway & retrieving, to avoid risk of cross-contamination and reliance on DGC members, less present due to the pandemic
  4. Visitors must remain in their organised groups for the above and maintain social distancing (>2m) from all other groups when on the airfield
  5. Visitors must sign in and out of the airfield each time so a track & trace record is available if necessary
  6. Visitors must be prepared to help out with normal Club operations (log-keeping, launching etc) due to reduced DGC member availability
  7. Club aircraft will not be available to visitors, other than check-flights by DGC instructors
  8. All visiting P1s must have prior experience at Aboyne and be current on aerotow, except by specific agreement
  9. The Clubhouse will not be available except for toilets. The kitchen, bar, showers and bunkrooms will not be available
  10. There will be no on-site catering although tea/ coffee & microwave facilities will be available in an outside shelter
  11. There will be no on-site camping available, although self-sufficient campervans/ motorhomes will be allowed (no hook-ups)
  12. Battery charging facilities will be made available in an outside shelter, when this cannot be done at visitors’ accommodation
  13. Daily briefings will be done in the hangar or marquee if available
  14. Visitors must sign a document verifying they have read DGC covid-19 procedures, will follow guidance and not hold the Club liable in the event of contracting the virus