Silver Success for Tim Martin

Just a few weeks after the resumption of solo flying, Saturday 20th June proved to be a highly memorable day for one of its members.

A number of decent soaring flights took place that day. In addition, Roy Wilson and resident instructor Jakub Hlavacek had successful cross-country flights down to the Loch Laggan area. However, club member Tim Martin had one goal for the day and that was to achieve his five hour silver duration flight!

Once the rain clouds cleared, Tim took off at approximately 1pm in the club’s Discus in search of thermals. Cloud cover would repeatedly build then dissipate, but consistently strong lift under the cloud, although often large gaps between the big ups. Some areas giving consistent 8kts.  Cloud base lifting to about 5500, and the day kept going.

With determination and perseverance Tim managed to hold on and a 6:30pm arrival back on the Deeside Gliding Club runway confirmed that Tim had achieved his goal of the five hour silver duration flight.

Huge congratulations to Tim. To quote himself: “ … a darned good day, all in all!”

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