Trial flights start at £90 and includes:

  • Aerotow launch to 2000ft
  • Hire of the glider
  • 3 month’s club membership

Online Voucher Purchase

You must buy a voucher through our online system before you can book your trial flight date and time.

Trial flights can be booked by phoning the office (013398 85339), or by email (office@deesideglidingclub.co.uk).

Please note that the office is not manned full time, and it might be necessary to leave a voice mail message. Likewise, there can be a delay in responding the emails.

Please refer to the Price List ( DGC-priceList ) to discover the costs of the different types of membership. A typical annual fee for an adult is £220.

Instruction is free. You only pay for the launch and hire of the glider.

The simple answer is that it depends.  An analogy is how long it takes to pass a driving test. Many of the variables are similar, with the addition of weather. The level of skill required is similar.

Gliders can fly in most types of weather, though this is obviously dependent upon the skill level of the pilot. Factors having significant impact include wind (both speed and direction), visibility and the height of clouds (cloud base). Ground temperature and precipitation (snow & rain) can also effect glider performance. Snow, ice and standing water can also prevent use of the runway.

 There is a difference between flying and soaring. The latter relies upon up currents of air, which in turn are dependent upon the weather conditions, to keep the glider airborne longer – enabling more training time and the possibility to fly ‘cross country’.

Details for the glider instrumentation can be found under GLIDER INSTRUMENTATION.